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In 2008 I couldn't find a reasonably priced, high quality hydraulic golf head puller for my clubmaking and repair business.  There were some great designs available but they cost between $400 and $800. There were other designs available at lower costs but they looked “home made”, didn't have replaceable parts and I wasn't  convinced that they were built to quality standards.  I decided to design a unit with all of the reliability and functionality of the high end units that could be built at a more budget friendly price.  It had to be manufacturing quality, have replaceable parts and be easy to use.  In 2008 the BT Puller V1 prototype was born.

The selection of the Standard Models Shaft Vise was a no-brainer.  It's Heavy Duty and has a Lifetime Warranty.   I was asked to offer an upgraded clamping system so I added the Quick Shaft System for the PRO Model.  It is a Single Lever clamping option that offers Fast, One Motion shaft load and unload.  All of the current model BT Pullers are pre-drilled for both clamping systems !! 

The hydraulic piston has more than enough power for years of service and the fork is 3/8” fully welded steel.

In 2013 the BT Puller was upgraded to V4.  The upgrades include innovations requested by BT Puller Owners. We’re still using the same dependable clamping systems and piston design since 2008. 

The design of the BT Puller continues to be upgraded with each version.  The frame design has had minor changes as have the piston handles, piston fork, Standard Clamps rubber inserts and accessories, but the Reliability and Quality of the BT Puller is still the same !!!

I’ve been selling the BT Puller since 2009.

When you contact BT Puller you will always speak to the owner !!!


Phone: 914.810.1340


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